Riding In Yuma

Mountain Biking

Yesterday I gave my buddy Eric a call to see if he wanted to go out mountain biking. So he dropped what he was doing and rushed right over. As soon as he got to the house he began criticizing the bike gloves I had on. So I asked if he wanted a pair to ride with. He denied and said he didn’t need girly gloves to go mountain biking. OK…(sarcasm inserted)


Just like any other ride, we started out slow making sure we didn’t get too aggressive. But as our egos got bigger, the down hills we rode and rocks we ran over got bigger as well.


And then it happened…


Eric decided to try out some acrobatic tricks he saw on MTV’s Scarred. He flew over the handle bars, flipped the bike over, and ended up planting his hands in desert rocks. Man, I wish I had video of that. Check out that skid mark! He had chunks of meat flapping on his hands. It looked pretty bad. He wouldn’t let me take a picture of his hands because he knew I’d make fun of him. I guess he should have worn the girly gloves I offered. Unfortunately, I can’t say the bike was ok. Somehow the back rim got bent but worse could have happened.

After the ride he told me that he wants to go out again. But would have to wait until he heals. I’m willing to bet he’ll have gloves the next time.

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