Vassago Bandersnatch 29er Update

29er Mountain Biking Projects

Received a couple of new parts for the Bandersnatch. Since I fall right in the lower end of the fitment recommendations for the frame, I’d been nervous about the length. After getting a saddle(thanks Moe) and some of the other parts together I was able to at least sit down on it and realized it’s not as long as it looks. The sizing actually feels pretty good, considering what a boat this frame looked like against my Redline 925.

Taking shape

I’ve heard the Zion forks can be flexy but, come on, how can I pass up a $39 rigid fork? Once the bike is built up I might go for Vassago’s Pitch Fork to better tweak the geometry and to give a more precise ride. Also hoping to swap out the bars/stem for Spank’s 31.8 white stuff. Man am I jonsin’ for a ride on this bike! Check back in for more on the build.

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