Tuesday Brews Day: Unibroue, Ephemere

These weekend we finally got a break from the cold and actually had a bit of warmer weather so I reached for something a little lighter. Unibroue is a Canadian brewery founded in the early 1990s. They mainly brew Belgian style beers but have some interesting alternatives to offer.

Looks like a Hef…but no

Ephemere is a lighter beer and appears yellow and cloudy when poured. You can smell a distinct Granny Smith apple scent. When you take a swig you get soft, carbonated apple flavors, but with a hefeweizen tasting base to it. No lemon here though. Basically this is a green apple flavored wheat beer.

How can I get one of those decals?

There are some spices in there that help give it some zest and it has a yeasty undertone to it. This seems more like a summer brew to me and if I had one on a hot June day I think I might be in heaven. Plus, at 5.5% ABV, you can drink a couple and still function. My wife kept asking me for more so I’m sure it’s something┬áthe ladies can enjoy too. Also love the artwork on the label. Excellent…just like what’s inside!

Drink enough and you’ll see fairies too

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