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I am finding out that the less I ride, the more my knee bothers me. I’ve had knee pains for the last year or so and it was actually starting to get better. Riding my single speed bike made my knees stronger too because I was spinning so much on the flats. I guess that kept knee parts working great. I usually do some sort of brisk 2 mile walk during my lunch hour at work a couple times a week just so I can maintain what I’ve worked hard in the weekend to achieve.

So here’s the kicker, since we’ve had some gnarly weather in So Cal, I havent’ been able to ride my bike as much. I’ve kept walking, tried the spin bike for a bit, but its not the same as riding single speed. With that said, I think my knee’s are getting weaker. Just yesterday it started hurting again….

Luckily the weather is starting to clear up so I can hit the trails again…but I just thought that was the weirdest thing…I figured, if my knees were to rest more, the healing would come quicker…

RL Policar

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