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As Moe mentioned, some of the guys from Evomo came down to visit the Fullerton Loop. Clint is Mr. Semi Pro that drove all the way down from Az just so he and his wife can see a mouse that lives in a castle(Disneyland). While he was here, he figured he’d get a ride in. So after we set things up with Bryan(Evomo Big Cheese), we made it happen.

The Fullerton Loop is a pretty fun trail, it seems like everyone that rides it has a blast. Check out the guys, including Moe with their newly designed Evomo Team Jerseys.

First climb of the day, Clint had already passed me, Bryan was on his way up with his obscenely light Turner…that dang thing is only a few pounds…

Here’s Greg showing Moe how to climb a hill with a SS 29er…

The beauty that makes the Loop a great place to ride is the fact that you’re in the middle of Fullerton. So to interconnect the trail you’ll have to go through parks, flood channels, residential areas and even through some railroad tracks.

The half way point of the ride has most of the climbing. Here’s Moe demonstrating how riding a single speed can totally get your @$$ handed to you by your own bicycle.

Team Evomo posing at a popular picture spot of the trail. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something wrong with this photo…more so with Greg…click HERE to find out.

Here’s Greg ready to jump a big ditch…

On the way back to the car, we were jay walking…er riding, to get to the other side of the street. But we did this not knowing that there was a cop right in front of us…we thought that we were going to get tickets but luckily he saw the Evomo logo and jerseys and ended up waving to us as we rode away.

We all had a great time out on the trails, it was a great honor and pleasure to ride with some of the coolest guys around. We’d like to thank Greg, Bryan and Clint for coming down to our neck of the woods to enjoy a trail that MtnBikeRiders.com really enjoy.

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