Sette Reken Frame is HERE!

This evening when I got home from work, a sweet package was winking at me…it was the Sette Reken Frame! shipped it Friday afternoon and I got it today…and it was supposed to be UPS Ground…that’s wicked fast!

sette reken

I was impressed on the care packaging that went on with the frame. It was bubbled wrapped at least 5 layers thick. The frame arrived flawless.
sette Reken

I really dig the matte black finish…

This thing is sooo sexy that it looks good enough to be part of anyone’s home decor. Heck when Priscilla saw the frame she let out a…”oooohhhh” and said…”mmm is that the new frame?”

There’s big plans for this frame and I’m going to keep you guy updated as I make some progress on the build.

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