MBA tips on buying a bike

Yep, this is my last issue

I was reading my subscription’s last issue of MBA magazine during lunch and I came up with their ’10 tips on buying your ultimate bike’. I usually like reading MBA, and I was contemplating on renewing my subscription, that is until I read tips #2 and #7:

Tip#2 “Don’t trust the blogs”
“Message boards and blogs are very entertaining, and there is great information out there. Trouble is, there is great misinformation out there, too. One website survey asking web surfers to vote for the best trail-bike had many expected responses and just as many confounding ones. A brand that produces few mountain bikes ended up in the top ten.. blah blah.. How? It could have been one fanatic who kept voting all night, or maybe company employees, blah blah. If you use websites, be careful. Be very careful”

Tip#7″Money Changes Everything”
Don’t be surprised if the bike shop tries to bump you up to the next price level. They are doing you a favor. blah blah blah The more you spend, the more bike you get.

MBA has been one of the few magazines to hate on blogs. Could it be that they feel threatened? As much as I respect their wrecking crew’s reviews, I like to read what other riders have to say about a particular bike. We may not be professional writers, but we don’t have any restrictions on what we can say about a bike, accessory or a part, since we are not getting paid 5K per page of advertising.

They are doing me a favor to spend the extra money because the more I spend the more bike I get? You mean I need XTR because it is more bike, it doesn’t matter if I race or not? So basically, we are bunch of morons that shouldn’t believe what others are saying about their bikes and I should spend more because I’m not capable of making the correct decision based on what I can afford or the trails I ride? Give me a break.

Needless to say, I’m not renewing my subscription.

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