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I got a chance to install the new twenty6 products dualie levers on my Juicy 7’s. Since I took off one of the levers, I decided to take some pictures for your enjoyment.

Here is a comparison of the twenty6 levers with the Juicy 7 levers:

Side by side: twenty6 lever and Avid Juicy 7 lever

Juicy 7 lever on top, twenty6 lever below

twenty6 lever detail; beautiful CNC detail

After I installed the lever, I took some more pictures.

Installed twenty6 lever on the Avid Juicy 7

Front view of the installed twenty6 lever

Comparison of lever angles

Click here for twenty6’s website.

2 thoughts on “twenty6 Dualie Levers Pictures

  1. hey jeremy
    i have a question if i may.
    did you find a dead space between the twenty6 handle and the juicy handle? (i mean, can you push the handle outwards?)
    i have the same handles and my juicy seven handle is out of order, it will not be fixed by SRAM since i used another handle. i was wondering if you have the same problem (that dead space pulls the leaver outwards and creates a vacuum in the caliper which later on locks the caliper)

  2. Ben,
    I haven’t had any issues at all with the twenty6 levers. I just took them off to clean them and they look/fit perfectly before and after I remounted them. I’m sorry I’m of no help. Good luck.

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