Product Review: Spectrum Tech Wear

Spectrum Tech Wear sent me some clothes to try out. The shirt that I tested is the SST.

Here’s some info about the SST:

SST could stand for several things, but we refer to it as our “Super Simple Tee”. This Chitosante t-shirt brings joy to all who wear it. Simple, solid construction for unparalleled comfort.

* Chitosante offers anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and non-static properties.
* 160 gram/meter premium pique fabric.
* Generous baggy cut in the body for mobility & raglan sleeves for comfort.

Being a big fan of jerseys that are made to look like T-shirts, I jumped on the opportunity to test out the SST. First I need to mention that the shirt all together has got to be one of the most comfortable jerseys I have ever worn. They used some fancy material called Chitosante, I guess that’s made out of crabs. But what ever it is, it sure is comfy! The jersey is breathable, free flowing, stylish, makes you look cool and is a great quality shirt. If you notice the shirt, you’ll see that the way they pieced it together is very similar to the way baseball shirts are made. Meaning the the sleeves actually start closer to the collar bone than off the deltoid.

Due to the unique pattern, the SST never felt like it bunched up, or got uncomfortable underneath my hydration pack. I can’t say enough on the comfort level this shirt provides. I’ve been guilty in wearing the shirt around the house when I lounge…its that nice.

The jersey is priced at $50, and in my opinion, a better choice than a club, tight jersey that has a bunch of loud colors and multiple logos.

Spectrum talks about how the Chitosante fabric is supposed to be anti-germs. Well, not that I’m a stinky person, but I never had problems with the shirt retaining any of my body funk even after a wash. I’ve had some jerseys that even after I washed them, still had that funk lingering on the fabric. The SST, had no issues with it.

One thing to point out, none of the seams on the this shirt irritated my skin. I’ve had a few jerseys that would irritate the heck out of my skin because they were poorly constructed at the seems. The Spectrum SST felt great at all times, cool enough to wear during your hottest rides, and the moisture wicking properties of the fabric never left me sopping wet from my sweat.

As you may have already figured it out, I RECOMMEND the Spectrum Tech Wear SST Jersey.

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