Why I love V-brakes

Being the O.G. that I am…oh for the gueros out there, click here to find out what it means. I’ve ridden with hydraulic, mechanical and V-brakes in various bikes that I’ve owned. But none of disc brakes systems have really wowed me. I’ve always loved V-brakes

For one, its cheaper to replace the pads. Cost of some decent pads are no more than $10. Disc pads can cost as much as $20 for a set. No risk of having brake failure due to air bubbles in the lines. Plus, you can buy a whole set of front and back Vbrakes with levers and cables for the cost of one hydraulic caliper/lever. It also weighs far less and last but not least, its not the norm.

That’s right, not everyone runs v-brakes anymore. Some have graduated to the hydros or mechs, and that’s totally fine with me. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit different in how you roll.

When I built up the Sette Reken, I had a choice between mech disc brakes or v-brakes. I went with simplicity and one of my goals for the bike was to make sure that it weighed in at a decent poundage. So the V’s gave me great stopping power as well as style and lightweight hardware.

What do you think? Are you OG like me and dig the V’s or do you like Disc Brakes?

4 Replies to “Why I love V-brakes”

  1. Well, this is a very old post, but I’m an O.G. too, regarding V-brakes. They’re powerful enough for me, and work even better with koolstop pads.
    Keep the good work, RL, I try to read this blog everyday…
    Best regards from Brazil!

    Danilo Souza

  2. I love V-brakes, too; they are simple, light and powerful enough for cross country.
    I also like the looks. Bikes with discs look like motorcycles to me.


  3. Well I use V brake too and like it because of its simplicity and low cost maintenance. Got Logan V brake set on my MTB but I put the Shimano pad on it. It has a few weakness though. If you run on the muddy track the mud will cover all over the wheel. The braking won’t effective during such condition.

  4. I agree, I’m OG too…
    Somebody stole my hydraulic sytem, so I’m coming back to V brake, easy to replace, cheap, efficient (for my use) and less attractive for thieft 😉

    Regards from France 😉

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