Dating on the Loop

This Fullerton Loop we have is 12 miles. The great thing about it is has a lot of obstacles and hills that are great to teach beginners the ropes. My wife and I rolled out yesterday and covered 3 or 4 miles for her second mountain ride ever. We both had our helmets this time out so she felt a bit more confident…and I didn’t feel like such a jerk. ha!

Beautiful weather

I figured I’d take her down a couple of hills to get used to balancing and braking. Teaching the basics really takes you back to the first time you went out on the bike. Fiddling with all the derailleurs and getting familiar with the brakes is half the challenge.

On the uphills though, she surprised the hell outta me. We went around a tight hairpin turn that shot up quickly and, as I look back to make sure she didn’t fall, I hear “Go faster!”. Then, just up the trail she navigates a skinny part of the trail with a 2 foot drop on either side. I held my breath but she made it through easily. I forgot to take more pictures as I was either watching her closely or giving words of encouragement. It looks as though my dream of having my wife as a riding buddy may soon be a reality. Just another reason to love mountain biking!

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  1. I have loved the past year of biking with my best-biking-buddy/Wife. Since I introduced her to riding she is totally addicted, counts the days between rides, and curses winter. She also digs new gear!

  2. Awesome! Yeah, my wife just got a bike recently and we are already having a blast riding together. We were running into an issue of her being sore from riding, but thanks to Priscilla’s recommendations I just ordered her a special “girl” seat from Terry’s that should do the trick. I’m really excited about this season of riding with her by my side. : )

  3. You guys are lucky, I bought my wife a KHS XC104 and she has only used it once. She doesn’t really care for Mountain Biking, she is actually enjoying her beach cruiser more than I would have thought.

  4. Yo Jay. I’d love to hear what kind of Terry saddle you got your wife and how she likes it. My wife complained of her seat being a little uncomfortable too(WTB Speed V gel) so the first thing I’m upgrading for her is her shorts and saddle.

  5. Lance,

    Priscilla swears by that saddle. Unfortunately they don’t make the pink one anymore…But they still have the Butterfly saddle available…same thing but in black.

  6. Woo hoo! Nothing makes me happier then more women on the trails!!! Yea!! Terry saddles are the BEST! And better yet they do have some sweet discounts for slight flaws. 🙂
    And Moises I am keeping hope ALIVE!!! Grace will come back to the dirt some day!!!!! =D

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