Ernesto Bike Lube: Review in Progress

Ernesto sent us some Soy Bean Based bike lube to test and review. They claim that this is the only lube that you find to fry up some eggs and chicken with and use it on your chain…

ernesto lube

Here’s some of the benefits of using a Soy Bean Lube.

* Made from renewable USA-grown crop-based vegetable oils
* Biodegradable – Friendly to the environment
* Non-staining formula
* Better adhesion-reduces amount of product required
* No need to apply excessive amounts unless you want an oily mess
* Out-performs conventional petroleum-based oils
* smells good…for good application
* Contains no toxic chlorine or sulfur or regulated chemicals
* Vegetable oil base reduces dermatitis
* Petroleum is dirty and harmful for the environment
* Easy clean-up (Soap & Water)

Ernesto Lube doesn’t have heevie-jeevies….I like that, cuz’ the world doesn’t need anymore heevie-jeevies, especially on your bike!

I’ve already started using this lube. In fact Priscilla probably didn’t realize, but I secretly switched her usual chain lube with the Ernesto Lube for yesterday’s Team Big Bear Race.

I’ll be testing this lube s’more with other bikes such as my single speed and tandem to see how well it hold up. Check back for a review.

6 Replies to “Ernesto Bike Lube: Review in Progress”

  1. I like the idea, but what’s the difference between this and regular vegetable oil from the grocery store? One of the bad properties of vegetable oil for mechanical applications is how it congeals and varnishes up. Will this go rancid on the bike?

  2. Strangely enough, I was wondering the exact same thing as Richard…I wonder if something has been done to stabilize the molecules or if varnishing and “turning” is inevitable?

  3. Rancid? not likely. If bottled up, it will keep for a while. Shelf life is longer than a hamster’s lifespan.

    Also, can’t use regular vegetable oil. We incorporate a “tackifier,” a natural glue base per say, so it adheres well to metal.

    On Monday, I washed and cleaned my LandShark, and also, the chain got a fresh loobin’…

    I’ve been riding on the messy Wisconsin roads, puddles, old snow run-of, etc, and the chain? quiet and lubricated.

    This is the 3rd formula after trial and error, and we finally got it right this time.

  4. Hold on there RL. We have an all pourpose lubricant that is actually engineered and designed to lubricate regardless of the conditions and is natural , shelf stable and yes , you could eat , drink and cook with it but it would not do those things very well as it is a lubrication oil. I will send a sample for you to compaire
    Thank you

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