Aliso Woods ride, a pictorial report

Man, I love living on the West Coast! With weather in the mid 80’s, who cares about a little earthquake here and there? Anyhow, instead of rubbing it in with words, check out the pictures from Saturday’s ride:

Singletrack baby!

RL: The myth

Nothing but blue skies!

RL, Joe Martinez and Priscilla

Me, still riding with those demo platforms

Special appearance by Joe Solancho!

Rare to see Priscilla riding in the back

More Singletrack

This ride was brought to you by: Joe Martinez, Priscilla, RL, Joe Solancho, Robert and myself (Moe).

7 Replies to “Aliso Woods ride, a pictorial report”

  1. well here in central PA we got out a little last week, still in tights and heavy gloves and then Mother Nature decides to drop more snow on us this weekend, what gives? its like almost April already. So yea we’re jealous of your weather, but we figure if we had weather like you did along with all the sweet single track we have, we would also have all the crowds and the rediculous housing costs, so I guess a little cold weather gear isnt all that bad.

  2. Just makes me wanna grab my bike and get out there. The fact that its pitch dark outside tells you how powerful these images were:) Great stuff. Sure Priscilla was just trying to make you gents feel good for spring.

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