8 Replies to “Duo Afternoon Ride”

  1. Bling,

    We rode in about a 1/4 mile from where we parked the car and since we rode Chino Hills, we were at the foot of a 4 mile climb…Northridge.

  2. I’m glad you included a few glimpses of Priscilla’s legs in there so we didn’t have to just look at yours. Glad you enjoyed your ride.
    It was about 40 and windy here yesterday in the midwest, I can’t wait for some better weather to get here.

  3. I lived in SoCal during the mid 80’s for a couple of years, I know what the weather can be like. Although washing F/A-18’s at 2 am at El Toro seemed pretty darn cold. Sure beats snow and cold though.

  4. Hmmm, now I know PricePoint doesn’t sell good quality low price products but “cheap” products. My $25 height adjustable seatpost from them doesn’t work at all.

  5. Dude pop…

    If you listen to what I said…”Cheap as in inexpensive…”

    If you’re seat post doesn’t work, perhaps its user error, otherwise you’ll have to take it up with them…

  6. Pop, I’m using their cheap dropper seatpost. I couldn’t figure it out for two rides.

    Figured it out now though. It’s a piece of cake to use but you have to apply your weight on it, at a certain angle. I’ll do a video of how it works. It’s one of my favorite parts of my bike now.

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