Carbon Fiber Nokon Cable Housing?

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Yup its true! The world famous Nokon Cables/Housing came up with a prototype and we got a sneak peak of it. Steve Richey of Promologic USA showed it of while we were visiting with him earlier today.
nokon cables

carbon nokon cables

Nice huh?
carbon nokon cable housing

RL Policar

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3 thoughts on “Carbon Fiber Nokon Cable Housing?

  1. Listen, I like the blog, I read it daily, but I think there’s a balance between shilling products and having interesting content. I mean, posts like this aren’t even reviews, it’s just an ad pretty much.

    I don’t mean to come down too hard on you guys, like I said, I love the blog, but I’ve seen more than one blog go the pro blogging route and get eaten up by sponsors and advertisers at the expensive of real content.

  2. Sheesh. They’re just showing some stuff they saw at SO, didn’t strike me as an advertisement or sponsor.

    Oh well. Have a great time boys.

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