We made it!

Hey biking people!

Moe, Jeremy and I made it to the Laguna Seca Raceway for the Sea Otter Classic. We hit the road around 11:10pm last night and arrived at the gate this morning at 4:57am.

While we waited for the Poh-liz man to open up the gates, I decided to take some pics. Moe was kinda grumpy because he helped Jeremy out by taking a turn at the wheel. Jeremy, well he’s just tired. Since I’m a morning person, I was pretty chipper! More like annoying than anything.

Here’s us by the gate. Moe was showing his displeasure at the early morning photo, Jeremy was just glad we got there safe. I on the other hand was goofing off.

Make sure you check back throughout the weekend for our awesome coverage!

6 Replies to “We made it!”

  1. They let you in with that menacing looking dude in the back seat? He looks kind of like a serial killer.

  2. You guys are nutz! That late and early of a drive… Damn….
    Have a blast and stop smiling. You are breaking one of your new rules.

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