$10 Water Bottles at Sea Otter Classic 2008

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One of the booths at Sea Otter was Rock Racing. They had an impressive set up complete with dual flat screens showing off the Rock Racing team. They also had hats, jackets, shirts that ranged from $20-$50. But what caught my attention was the expensive water bottles!

rock racing sea otter

So we asked what was so special about these water bottles, and the guy said…”it has a lid and nozzle.” I’m sure the fella was irritated on how many times people asked him that. But in reality, these bottles are no different than the cheap versions that I got for my kids at Interbike….heck we got better ones in our media pack that was given to us by Sea Otter…

I guess everything that has to do with Rock and Republic clothing is going to be expensive, just like their $300 jeans…

RL Policar

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