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One of the cools things at this year’s Sea Otter Classic was the Bike Skills pump track. Now in all honesty, I really wanted to try out this track, but I was intimidated by some hardcore kids that were in there tearing it up! But on Sunday we made it our first priority to get on the pump track before the anyone else did. So I borrowed a Trek Remedy…big mistake. The Remedy is a sweet bike, but not really meant for pumping. It’s too squishy. I needed a hard tail.

trek remedy

At one point I did get the whole pumping thing down and was even able to take a berm without putting the brakes on.

I was only on the pump track for no more than 10 minutes, reason being, its hard! Its funny, I wasn’t pedaling at all, but I found myself using my whole body to pump up and over each roller. Overall, it was really fun…now the next move is finding a place to build one…

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