Lil’ Bryan’s Adventures!

The other day I was walking to the garage and I noticed something on the ground, it was an action figure that resembled our friend Bryan Thombs(click here for a picture of him) of Evomo.

So I picked it up and called him “Lil’ Bryan.” Then I decided to do something like Flat Stanley and take Lil’ Bryan around with me for the course of the day.

The first thing we did was load up the cars and drove down to one of our favorite trails, Turnbull Canyon.

Lil’ Bryan posing on my bike. I know you dig the license plate! Here’s Moe in the background sportin’ his new duds, a matching Metallica jersey and socks ensemble. Everytime I looked at Moe all I could think was the lyrics to a song…“WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE! WE GOT WHAT IT TAKES!” Oh snap…wrong song!

After our ride, Priscilla and I went to the local Trader Joe’s to get some salad. The Organic Arugula was only $2.29!

Since I looked boss with my new Evomo hat, I decided to get a shot of it in the store.

Then later on in the day my brother and I drove down to the Sam’s Club to get something for Moe.

Lil’ Bryan only wanted best for Moe so he sat there in protest until Randy agreed to get Moe his favorite To-Kill-Ya.

After that debacle, I calmed down Lil’ Bryan and put him in my pocket. He just loves that!

Lil’ Bryan wanted to be part of the paying process…

So then Randy and I went over to Home Depot to look for some hoses for a beer bong, jk…

After our shopping trip, we headed back to our sister’s place to make some Martini’s. I think Lil’ Bryan had too much…

A bit too much, the Lil’ dude was hanging off the Martini shaker by the end of the night!

By the time Lil’ Bryan passed out from all the drinks he had, I had to drag him out and put him back in my pocket. Right now he’s still sleeping, and I’m sure he’ll have a wicked hangover from it….

4 Replies to “Lil’ Bryan’s Adventures!”

  1. You guys are too funny! The look on the check out girls face is priceless! She’s like, “Uhhh… security…”

    Lil’ Bryan is pretty buff though!

  2. Haaa…. Thats funny! I wonder where the next adventures will take me… errr, I mean my miniature action figure version of myself.

  3. The last time I heard a story about “Lil’ Bryan’s Adventures” it involved Shanghai hookers, a fishing pole, Crisco and a $300 fine. But I’m pretty sure Bryan made that story up.

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