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Back in the day when I was a young pup, my dad would always drink this stuff. I never understood it because it basically tasted like tomatoes. I’ve always associated V8 as an “old peoples” drink. Well now that I’m older and way fatter, I think this drink has sorta grown on me.

It’s kinda like beer or pozole(Messican soup). No one I know, when they first take a swig of beer immediately falls in love with the taste and no one I know when they first take a bite out of the beef tripe (cow stomach) loves it. Basically its something you learn to appreciate. Well now that I am on my 2nd day of drinking V8 (I had one on my way home yesterday), I’m actually starting to like it too. It’s actually way better than the Naked Juice that we get at work for free since it has less calories.

The 5.5oz can only has 30 calories, 7g of carbs and 1g of protein. It’s the perfect drink to keep me satisfied until I get some real food.

The taste, well I do love tomato stuff such as gazpacho, salsa, pico de gallo, ceviche and all that jazz. So the V8 is just right up my alley…well now it is.

Dang, I think I’m getting old and turning into my dad….uh oh…next thing you know I’ll be wearing golf shirts everyday….

RL Policar

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11 thoughts on “Yesterday I discovered this…

  1. 1. The stuff will put hairs on your chest.
    2. Watch out for the sodium.
    3. You guys are hilarious.

  2. 1. It’s Mexican. Not “messican”.
    2. Posole, though different in different regions, is defined by the hominy that is always present regardless of the other ingredients.
    3. Menudo has beef stomach and tendon.

    I enjoy your blog. It’s funny. It’s informative. Please be respectful.


    ps “huffy riding migrants” are bikers too. people on bikes are bikers. on a global scale most people ride hi-ten bikes and could care less about our (me included) obsession with ti carbon lights gloves etc…be respectful is all i’m saying

  3. Hey Jorge,

    We use Messican as a term of endearment, and we are not trying to offend anyone. In fact, I’m 100% mexican.

    In regards to the PS, I’m pretty sure you read this on our bike commuter site.

    I used the term ‘huffy riding migrants’ to distinguish them from the 99.9% of readers that frequent that site.

    The main distinctions are:

    ‘Huffy riding migrants’ do not follow the rules of the road
    ‘Huffy riding migrants’ do not use helmets
    ‘Huffy riding migrants’ HAVE to ride a bike

    and as not political correct it may be, ‘Huffy riding migrants’ do hinder the bike commuting movement by giving the wrong impression to ignorant drivers.

    Thank you for reading our site, and please be sure that we don’t hate on anyone.

  4. Jorge,

    We’re not here to hate, we love all peoples even the kind that people discriminate against.

    But for you saying something to us, I appreciate that and you have now become my homie!

    I’m now calling you, Smiley. Cuz’ Crazy Eyes is already taken by me.

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