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Ok we’ve just ended week 2 and both Vince Rodarte and I have some great progress.

RL: -7lbs, -3.47%

Vince Rodarte: -7lbs, 2.89%

Moe’s Pledge: $28 (14lbs @ $2 per lb)*
Juan Diaz’s Pledge: $35 (7lbs @ $5 per lb)*
Feli’s Pledge: $40 Flate Rate Donation*
Dale Aguas – $28 (14lbs @ $2 per lb)*
Lissa Nicholas – $20.00 Flat Rate Donation*
Matt Meyers – $25.00 Flate Rate Donation*
Joel Gafni – $21.00 (7lbs @ $3 per lb)*
Cindy Laughon – $14.00 (7lbs @ $2 per lb)*
Scott Palmer: – $21.00 (7lbs @ $3 per lb)*
Henry Hsieh’s Pledge: $28 (14lbs @ $2 per lb)*
Total: $260.00

Vince and I had a great week, we both lost some good poundage. We’ve also added some more info on our stats, which can be seen to your right hand column in white. Basically we’re considering the total percentage lost. Cuz in all honesty Vince and I are two different body types. This way you get an idea who is loosing the most weight, not based on the scale, but on overall progress…does that make sense?

*All pledges will be donated to the City of Hope Cancer fund

RL Policar

RL Policar is an avid mountain biker and the Editor In-Chief of MtnBikeRiders.com and BikeCommuters.com. Between the two sites, he's published well over 4,000 articles (and growing).


14 thoughts on “Weight Loss Wager Update

  1. If you cut out HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) in your diet, you will shed more weight faster. HFCS helps screw up your chemical balance and you are not able to naturally burn off fat like we should. Your body thinks its still hungry with this and of course, we ingest more. It is in most junk we eat, but if your vigilant, it will pay off. I have cut it out and I am shedding weight faster than I have tried before. Of course you still need to work out a bit.
    Pretty much, more homemade foods and looking at package labels.
    Google it.

  2. Hi Vince
    Good Job keep it up! I forgot to tell you to count me in for a flat rate of $40! I hope this helps.
    love ya! feli

  3. Ok…I’ve been keeping track of MY peeps that have contacted me about pledging to the “POT”. Here we go…..
    Juan Diaz – $5.00 per pound that Vince loses
    Dale Aguas – $2.00 per pound lost combined
    Lissa Nicholas – $20.00 Flat Rate Donation
    Matt Meyers – $25.00 Flate Rate Donation
    Joel Gafni – $3.00 per pound that Vince loses
    Cindy Laughon – $2.00 per pound that Vince loses

    Well, that is a pretty good chunk of COIN! ALL FOR A GREAT CAUSE!


  4. Vince,
    No more In-N-Out for you….at least every odd day that falls on Tuesday or something. I’ll pledge $3 a pound you lose! Let’s see you get down to some good riding weight!

  5. If you guys receive over $1000.00 in pledge monies….I will buy both of you Hot Fudge Sundays or Banana Splits in Las Vegas @ Ghirardelli’s. I don’t want your bodies going into shock after the weight loss. Big AL

  6. Put me down for $2/lb for both of ya. I want to see lean-mean-bicycling machines!!!

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