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… ok, not my favorite favorite, but they’re up there: “OUT FOR DELIVERY”. I saw that this morning when I hopped online to check the status of my shipment. I expected to see these three words and I was not disappointed.

C’mon. You know you like seeing those words too

Of course the next couple of hours at work were spent vigilantly watching the front door (it’s a small office) from my cubby. When the UPS man walked in I was up out of my chair before he realized what had happened. As soon as he left, I got to open up a box with some nice stuff I had ordered yesterday from I love that they’re based in So. Cal.

Some new stuff to try out:

Sette Strike Elbow Guards

Sette Strike Knee/Shin Guards

Sette Clear Frame Patch Protectors

I have already applied the Clear Frame Patch to my 29er. The derailleur cables and brake lines have rubbed some of the paint off the frame. The carbon fiber fork’s clear coat is showing rub too so it needed some protection.

The pads are something I should have purchased a while ago as my legs and arms have lots of scars on them. The only problem is that I don’t normally fall when I’m doing the hard stuff (I’m too timid to really go for it). It’s when I disengage my brain on the easy stuff that I eat it good and get my scrapes/bruises. What to do? Wear the armor all the time? Maybe not.

This Saturday we’ll be riding Aliso Woods in South Orange County. I like Aliso because of the variety but I am not a fan of Rock-it, RL’s favorite trail. I am hoping the Sette “plastic courage” will get me through it in one piece. We’ll see. 😉

For’s website, click here.

7 thoughts on “My 3 Favorite Words…

  1. Those clear patch things are so clear that I didn’t even see them! I had to tilt my monitor just so I could get a glimpse…

    Those pads are cool, if they were white you could play Cricket with them!

    So does this mean you’re going to start doing some crazy jumps?

  2. Great! I’m interested to know how the Sette pads fit and function. I’ve been looking at their upper body armor. Can’t wait to hear how they do.

  3. Jeremy,

    RL has a pair of leg armors that are too big for him 😉 maybe you can borrow it. It’ll probably fit you better 🙂

    See you guys tomorrow… let’s go down Rock It and Lynx or 5 Oaks!

  4. my 3 favorite words…hmm I’d have to think about that, cuz there are certain body parts that are my favorite…like sweet bangs, ankles, eyes…but I do like “buffet”, “all you can eat” (I know its more than 3…), “parfait”…mmm who doesn’t love parfaits? The name it self is lovable, then there’s words like ” I love you” those are good, but so is, “fresh fish tacos”….

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