Where do your dollars go towards Mountain Biking?

In order to serve our readers better, we want to know what it is you are spending your money on towards mountain biking? The reason why we ask, we want to start a weekly “Deal Day” where we bring you information on who’s having a sale on what. But to fine tune “Deals Day” it would help if we knew what it is you are constantly buying or in the market for.

So for example, if you were in the market for a new SRAM X9 Rear Derailleur, then we’d tell you about the sale the Pricepoint.com is having on them. Normally $85, now listed at $69 and some change.
sram x9

With that in mind, leave us comments on what you shop for. Personally I go through tubes like underwear and cables and housing every few months…what? I like to swap parts on my bikes all the time! I also go through quite a bit of lube…don’t even go there…perv! I am a lube-aholic! I am always cleaning my bikes and in the process, I use up plenty of the slippery stuff to ensure that my bikes are running smooth!

6 Replies to “Where do your dollars go towards Mountain Biking?”

  1. Clothes. by far. i’m always on the lookout for non-club fit jerseys with rear pockets. preferably in a lite color. and i’m an avid price point customer. currently i’m trying to convince my wife to let me order a ton of headsweats and a couple more halo headbands.

  2. I keep an eye out for good deals on wear items like drive train parts and tires, stuff I know im gonna need at somepoint and can put on the shelf for when I need it. possibly derailers and other stuff that can break occationally.

  3. I love buying tires…I also replace shift housing pretty reguarily. Other than that, I haven’t made any big purchases for a while. I have a big bulk thing of Finishline lube and degreaser.

    Strangely enough, my MTB is still rocking the original OEM tubes after a year now, although I have gone through a set of tires. I don’t fear the flat gods though as I have been cursed with many many flats on my road bike. Avoid at all costs the Specialized All Condition tire. For a nasty wire bead training tire, it has about as much flat protection as a stick of butter, and my road conditions are pretty good. Too cheap to replace them though, as my Cannondale Rush gets all the good stuff.

    I also patch tires at home so I don’t buy too many tubes. I basically switch between a couple tubes that have 2 – 3 patches each. I have never had one fail, even the cheap glueless kind (although I prefer the gluded ones). Sit in front of the TV, and have at it!

  4. I would imagine that drive train parts would be something someone would go through at least once a year. In Priscilla’s case, she wore out her mid chain ring, cassette and chain in 8 months! What can I say, the girl is hardcore!

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