New Poll: What other type of riding do you do?

In case you missed me, yeah, I’m still alive… I just haven’t been mountain biking much lately. Some of you may know that I’m a Bike Commuter,

but I’m also a roadie,

I’m curious to know what other type of riding do you do other than Mountain Biking. Please vote on our sidebar poll or leave a comment.

11 Replies to “New Poll: What other type of riding do you do?”

  1. Yo Moe where’s the Slow / Cruising / Leisure category? Aside from my Fisher Hi-Fi Plus I also do the leisurely cruises on my Trek 7100

  2. I do it all…but I haven’t truly been on dirt for some time. My MTBing consists of urban exploration and the occasional off-road trail at some of the city parks.

    Mmm..that Via Nirone looks mighty nice with those new Rubinos. I can hardly wait to ride on mine!

  3. Is there anything except MTB?

    Seriously though, only riding round town on my old WalMart beater (please steal it someone, PLEASE!!)

    It can be quite fun though, weaving round pedestrians, leaping off kerbs, locking up outside the market. Well, that last one’s not THAT exciting.

  4. 6% for trials riders?!?!? Where are the other trials riders hiding in here? I think maybe people misread that and thought it said “trails” not “trials.” Hhhhmmmmm…

  5. Does riding my mountain bike to the trail head count as road riding ? Personally I prefer to keep it on the dirt but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to ride a 15 lb road bike.

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