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One of our riding buddies, Robert Plumb emailed me to let me know that he had a pretty bad crash…

SO i will be side lined for a little from riding… here is my story

I went riding with all the boys from the shop last Monday because we closed at 4 so we decided to go ride Web Canyon. The ride is ok, its pretty much downhill/freeride type terrain. It was fun until it happened. I was doing my last run and was going around a corner probably too fast but I don’t remember. I ended up going off a 10-15 foot cliff (not sure height) headfirst.

The Report!!!
1. Taco’d front wheel AND rotor!!

2. Broken helmet. Saved my life!!!!!
3. Broken nose
4. My lower lip peeled away from the lower gum
5. Chunk of upper lip in a 1 inch section almost completely off
6. Road rash on my forehead


135 stitches all together in my face lots of swelling and 2 black eyes also some cuts from my glasses that shattered upon impact!

They said I didn’t get a concussion but I believe differently because I don’t remember much.


Getting better after a week of recovery so far i have got 40 stitches out, my forehead is almost healed, my stitches will hopefully come out on Wednesday (2days!!) hopefully back to work next week

NOt sure when i will be on the bike again. I am going to buy a full face helmet as well as another giro hex helmet and then i need to buy a new front wheel.

thought I would let you know whats up in my world sorry for the long email!!!

ROberto Plumb

We wish Roberto a speedy recovery….dang, the fella’s lucky he’s alive. Could have been worse!

RL Policar

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7 thoughts on “Rider Down

  1. I was going to buy a full face helmet after I bit through my lower lip and broke a tooth in half doing my world famous face plant on a log ride. As time passed I forgot about how bad the accident was and I’m now wearing a Giro Hex. Much like Mr. Plumb,I was very fortunate that I didn’t break my neck. Good luck with the recovery and remember ….chicks dig scars.

  2. Speedy recovery to you. thoughts and prayers go out to ya dude! All in all… sounds like you were pretty luck to walk away from that one.

  3. Wow! Hope you have a speedy recovery. I had an accident 1.5 years ago, it’s not fun but good thing you had a helmet.

  4. Thank you everybody for the awesome support. I got out the stitches today and finally ate some real food. I will have to have surgery on my nose, but other than that everything is healing very nicely. Thanks again for the support it means alot

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