The Art of Regrouping

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When you’re in a big group ride, skill levels will vary from person to person. There’s always a few that are faster than most and there’s always a couple of people that usually ride in the back of the pack. So here are a few tips on making sure that your group ride is a happy one.

1. Ride 2×2.
-Riding with a partner will ensure that you keep each other company. This is also great for safety and mechanical problems.

2. Have one person lead the group.

3. Have one person be “clean up.” This is an essential role because this person is incharge of making sure everyone is accounted for.

4. If you’re the group lead, rest at the crest of each climb. But when the last person gets there, allow them to rest too, don’t just take off.

5. If you have a long climb, don’t be afraid to take breaks to wait up or give the rest of the group a chance to catch their breath.

6. Always bring extra GU, energy bars, drinks, and food. You never know if someone bonks in the middle of the ride.

7. Once you have stopped at a certain point, you ask everyone if they are ok, and would they like to keep going.

8. Have a back up plan. If a rider is injured, make sure you have a quick and easy route in mind to get them back to the car.

9. If a buddy does get hurt, please don’t laugh. I’ve seen enough videos on Youtube where the dude crashes, his friends are laughing, but don’t realize that the guy that fell is knocked out and has a concussion.

10. Be patient. If you show any displease with other riders with you, then you’re ensuring that they may not want to ride with you or be friends. Have fun, enjoy the trail and enjoy the friendships.

RL Policar

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3 thoughts on “The Art of Regrouping

  1. Great advice. Even though the biggest group I ride in is only The Wife, daughter and myself, I think they appreciate #4, #7 and #10. Looking out for beginners is the best thing we can do to perpetuate the sport.

  2. i’m usually a mid-pack rider but your right on on #4. i’ve seen it happen too many times, the last guy catches up, and off the leader goes without giving him a chance to catch his breath. it is ok to laugh after you know your buddys alright, right?

  3. Thanks for the great tips. The first group ride I ever did was while visiting Texas from Australia. The group got split into several smaller bunches. I was in the last bunch and didn’t know any of the other riders.

    I was taking a turn on the front when suddenly everyone turned off onto another road. By the time I turned around I was never going to catch them. So there I was, lost in Texas. I didn’t even know which way was north.

    You may be interested in The Art of Getting Lost –

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