Is it a 96er or a 69er?

Anyhow, there are so many different fans of 69/96er bikes and as you may already know, I HATE spending money when I know I could do it for less. It’s like going to an Italian Restaurant…why bother when you can boil pasta at home and make the food for a fraction of the cost. Well that’s my point, why spend a butt load of cash to get a “pre-made” 69er…LAME!

So here’s the recipe for my version of a great 69/96er bike:
1 Sette Reken Single Speed Bike. By the way, did you know the Reken uses 6061 tubing…means it’s strong!

1 Rigid fork-Courtesy of Moe Ramirez and his KHS Solo One
1 Kenda Negeval 29er Tire
1 700c wheel…yah I know I should be using a real 29er wheel…I’m not spending the money on one until I’m certain that I like the set up.

Combine all the ingredients on a work stand, tighten the bolts, test ride…and Viola! a 69er! Sorry no picture yet. I’ll get one up as soon as its ready!

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