New Project Bike: Spinner Suspension

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That’s right folks we’ve got another project in the works and its going to involve this bad boy…the Spinner Suspension REASON Fork.


Wheel (inch): 26
Stanchion (mm): 32 Alloy
Travel (mm) : 100
Steerer: Alloy
Crown: Alloy
Pitch (mm) : 130
Lowers (mm) : Mag
Weight (g):
(w/o Steerer tube)
Features: Rebound + Lockout

Now that you’ve seen this fork, do you have any ideas on what kind of bike we’re building? Well once we get more things lined up for this project, we’ll let you know. But for now, we’ve got this awesome fork from Spinner and we’d like to thank our buddy Steve Richey, did I tell you that he’s the man? Well he is!

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