Bonehead move goes to…

Me.  This isn’t an ad for CROCs or modeling hairy legs – rather a display of not being prepared.


For the first time in all of the years riding, I forget one of the essential items – my shoes.  My friend Val and I rode the Loop the other night.  Just when we were ready to push off, I noticed that I didn’t have my riding shoes… ughh!!!  Man I was ticked!  Val had his running shoes in his car and offered them to me however they were too small.  Not wanting to back-out since we were already dressed and ready to go, I decided to just ride with my new Crocs Cayman.  Obviously these were not made for riding, just for pure comfort with very soft soles

Within the first few miles, I can feel the pedal bars pressed up against the ball of my feet.  Truly an uncomfortable feeling as we rode the 11 mile Loop.  At the same time, I kept envisioning this guy with the “Helmet Hair” who had a mishap when he rode without his shoes 🙂  yikes… You can read his story through here.  Here’s a shot of him…


We finished the ride without any incidents.  However, my feet were in pain after enduring the obstacles of the Loop.  Fortunately I was already wearing the right shoes for the after ride.  As much pain I was in, I was now in comfort wearing the Crocs. 

Moral of the story, keep your riding gear together 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, Joe. 😉

    The scab in my foot is almost fully healed up. I can’t wait for the scab to be entirely gone.

  2. Man its horrible forgetting shoes. I forgot them one time and was in a terrible mood after. I always store them right next to the bike or helmet now.

  3. It maybe a good idea to keep your stuff in one bag. I have 2 pairs of shoes, and I normally keep one set in the trunk along with the rest of my gear.

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