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So on yesterday’s ride, Priscilla and I were on a section of the Fullerton Loop that is known as “extra credit.” This portion of the trail rides along side, but about 10-20 feet higher than the fire road. Anyhow, we’re cruising along the single track, then this douche bag comes right on me left side, his front wheel was right where my cranks were, then yells something into my ear about being on my left. Frankly I couldn’t understand the guy, all I heard was a loud mumbling. Then he passes me, by this time I’m irritated because he startled me and that he didn’t announce that he was passing me further back.

He gets in front of me, then the trail decides to go on an incline, so Mr. DB, goes to his granny gear, but mis-shifts, the immediately slows down, I put on the brakes. I then yell out to Priscilla that there’s some one behind her. You know what his DB said…”Oh its ok…”

This guy was in such a rush to pass me then once he see’s Priscilla in front of me, he backs off. Perhaps he turned more civil since a lady was present, or maybe he just liked the view…

By this time I was getting mad because not only did he not have enough courtesy to announce he was coming up behind me, then he sits behind Priscilla…probably checking her out! Priscilla lets him pass, so I then get into pursuit mode on my single speed. I chase him down the trail and become a douche bag myself by tailgating him just so he can hear my annoying cowbell ringing as I’m riding his butt.

Then I ran out of energy…I let him go and about 1/2 a mile later, I threw up a bit from exerting myself too much….

What’s the moral of the story, I sure there’s many, one could be to let things roll off and not be bothered, another was to not get too pissy with other rides (as as previous) and another would be to not chase a geared biker on the flats while riding a single speed.

RL Policar

RL Policar is an avid mountain biker and the Editor In-Chief of MtnBikeRiders.com and BikeCommuters.com. Between the two sites, he's published well over 4,000 articles (and growing).


2 thoughts on “Oh, I see how it is…

  1. HA HA! I’ll remind me when I go riding with you guys to stay in front of Priscilla… 🙂

    But maybe the guy really just lost momentum and the ‘view’ was an added benefit. Kinda like the same thing happened to me. I was riding at my usual bike path on my MTB when a solo riding roadie chick passed me. My pace is only about 10mph (per my Ascent cyclometer) and usually when someone passes me up, that gives me motivation to give chase. For most of the time after a few hundred feet, I tired out and back off to my 10mph pace. This time I actually caught up and was rolling at her pace. I was trying to *ahem* stay in her draft. As the trail headed sort of uphill my front was about 2-3 away from her rear I finally called out to her saying that I’m not tailgating her, I just dont have the energy to pass her which was the god’s honest truth. She laughed and when we reached the turnaround point she smiled at me, I nodded, she continues back down while I stopped for a breather.

  2. that kinda happened to me in the spring, 3 friends and I were out for a ride, I on my 1×7 XXIX, was second in line, about 2 ft back, the lead on his fully geared 26er dropped into Super Granny gear and if I didn’t bail i woulda run him over.

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