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Well I am sure you all heard things were rockin’ here in California today. RL and I are about 10min from Chino, (the epicenter). Today’s earthquake is one of the strongest ones we’ve had in a long while. There’s lots of videos circulating out there but this one caught my attention. Happy to know that there were no casualties that I have heard of from the quake but I don’t know if I can say the same of the bikes……

Big McLargehuge

While these other pansies are riding mountain bikes with their matching spandex and color called KITS...I'm bangin' their wives at home and she just served me breakfast in bed and I washed it down with a cold beer. Enjoy your ride suckas, cuz I know I did!

7 thoughts on “NOOOoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Forget duck and cover…those weenies were out the door in no time! 🙂

    I was on the 10th floor of our building, which is on rollers. We were shaking pretty good for about 5 seconds.

  2. Dang that has got to be scary. Not sure if I could get use to that. Glad to hear you guys are ok!

  3. I found another youtube video that shows how bad everything was shaking. Once again… glad you guys are ok.

  4. Hey Jay, thanks for your concern. Interestingly, the epicenter is REALLY close to one of the trails that we ride. I wonder how it would have felt if you were riding when the quake happened…

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