Speaking of the Strength of Carbon

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Carbon off-road wheels by Bontrager. The 29er wheelset, as reported by Velonews, is weighing in at 1570 grams. Called the Race XXX Lite, these wheels are Tubeless Ready.

As with all things carbon, weight (or lack thereof) is typically the most discussed feature. The new Race XXX Lite wheelset weighs in at 1,450 grams for 26-inch and 1,570 grams for the 29” version. The carbon hoops are constructed of Bontrager’s new High Compression Molded process that creates uniform thickness throughout the rim. As clinchers, the rims feature what Bontrager calls Hard Tooled Hookbead Technology (HTHT), which creates precision carbon hookbeds and rim walls that require no additional machining after the rim is molded. They can be run with traditional tubes but will come with Bontrager-designed tubeless rim strips and valve cores for those wanting to run Bontrager’s Tubeless Ready tires or UST tires.

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