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Back at Sea Otter 2008 our good buddy Steve Richey from Promologic gave Moe the first ever ride on the Pronghorn PR6.

Pronghorn PR6 on the Sea Otter Demo Track

Moe enjoyed the short ride immensely and it seems, so did Bike Magic which had many praises for the Pronghorn. They have a more extensive review of the “quirky” looking Pronghorn. Here is just a bit of what they had to say:

Most bikes present some sort of first impression when you get on them. The PR6 goes with “fast”. Although the cockpit didn’t arrive with a particularly extreme setup, it’s still quite a forward-set position. It works a treat, though, and the frame isn’t so long that you can’t readily get your weight back should you need to.

Although the Pronghorn as tested wasn’t crazy-light, it still fair flew up hills. That’s thanks to the efficient riding position, taut suspension feel and fast-rolling tyres. It’s one of those bikes that manages to make you wish for flat bars and bar ends so you can get even more power down, and they’re a fairly rare breed. Tempting though the easy-access lockout lever is, we didn’t feel the need to reach for it.

Click here for the review by Bike Magic.

9 thoughts on “Pronghorn PR6

  1. Am I the only guy that is having nightmares looking at this frame?

    Imagine slipping off the pedals in a rocky spot…while the shock compresses and rebounds on your junk. OW OW OWWW!!!! My balls are thinking “design flaw”.

  2. I think the design is differnt, kool in a way, but I also agree with lance, not so much on getting caught In, but the lack of clearance and the multiple hits you would take. (the stauntion, the lower and the pivot)

  3. Lance… I was just about to say the same thing. As soon as I saw the pic, I was like… what the heck?!?!? I mean it’s kinda cool looking, but I would be paranoid while riding!

  4. HIGHLY paranoid! I’m sure the design works well enough as it looks like a Horst style linkage.

    But, I’m guessing this is why every other manufacturer out there has their shock below the top tube. Gawd, I never been so nervous just looking at a bike frame.

  5. The thought of getting my nuts sheared off when I rode this bike was never in my mind. Out all the full suspension bikes I’ve tested, this bike has climbed the best, it was a little twitchy going down, but the bike was not quite set-up how I like to ride my bikes. It kind of reminded me of my old Specialized FSR-XC S-works.

  6. I have to admit the “upside down” design Is pretty cool, I guess IM just worried about the “cheese gater” affect is just My luck!

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