The Moe Strikes again…

The Moe was seen today really early morning at the Fullerton Loop. It looks like his favorite prey has been a Tall Asian that rides on the same loop.

Tall Asian Vowing to “The Moe”

This time, the Moe didn’t use mental games, he simply laid down the hammer and made his prey said “Moe, you are killing me” and “Man, I had a hard time keeping up with you”. What is The Moe’s weapon of choice?

Tall Asian’s view of The Moe for most of the ride

A sweet custom built KHS Alite Team, this sub 24lb bike climbs better than a goat. What is The Moe’s secret? He commutes 27.6 miles to work hauling 30lbs of stuff almost 4 days a week. His commute has made The Moe lose over 21 lbs thus making him a better Mountain Biker. Wanna try Bike Commuting? Well, head on over to our other site: for all kinds of advice.

10 Replies to “The Moe Strikes again…”

  1. Wow. I never knew a couple of “throw away” comments would stroke Moe’s ego so much!
    I can’t wait to start commuting too so I can have Moe’s body and skills. We all bow down to Moe.

  2. then I guess you don’t know The Moe all that well. The Moe looooves his ego stroked,it makes him even more dangerous.

  3. It is true that The Moe is not as fast on downhill sections, but with his new found climbing prowess, that’s where he attacks…

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