So far So Good

This morning I was going through our Flickr account and browsed through thousands of photos that we’ve taken since 2007. There’s pics from events like Sea Otter, Interbike, 24 hours of Fullerton, Races, Christmas Party, Rides and all sorts of other stuff we’ve done as a group.

It’s pretty neat to see all the friends we’ve made through the sites and to see them in the photos is pretty cool. There’s tons of people we encounter all the time on the trails and just out and about that recognize us from the sites we run. What’s cool about it is, a good number of people we meet, we ride with.

So on behalf of the staff of, I’d like to personally thank our readers and friends in making the site what it is today. I appreciate the humor, technical knowledge and hard work the staff have made in the last 1.5 years. I’m sure you as a daily ready appreciate it too since you are constantly leaving comments of your feed back and opinion on the best and worst articles we write.

Thanks again,

RL Policar

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