Sette Impact Padded Shorts

Last month we featured the Sette Impact Protective Suit.  Along with the suit, we received the Sette Impact Padded Under Shorts.  “Under shorts” meaning you would wear these under your moto style, baggy cycling or just plain shorts.  These are specific for downhill with pad placement or areas such as your tailbone, hips and thighs.  It does not come with a chamois.

SetteImpactShorts by you.

PricePoint description:

Sette Impact Padded Under Shorts feature strategically-placed molded polyester foam padding attached to Lycra mesh for the ultimate in protection and comfort. Padded tailbone protector. Drawstring waist. Wear underneath pants or riding shorts. For the ultimate protection wear Sette Impact Padded Under Shorts.

IMG_0616 by you.   IMG_0617 by you.

Sette Impact Under Shorts worn under regular shorts.  Front and rear view; as you can see, it doesn’t appear bulky.

The Sette Protective Gear line is quite impressive. They have protective gear for all the areas where a full-body pressure suit would cover. The quality of their products is up to par with similar items found in the market. You certainly will get the bang for you buck! These are available at from $29.98 – $34.98 (depending on size). You can also save by buying two for $59.98.

For the rest of the 2008 season, I’ll be putting this pair to the test. Hopefully I will not I will not have to find out how good they work or how much impact it can absorb.