KHS XC Team Update

It’s been 2 1/2 months since RL built up the KHS XC Team bike for me. I wanted to go ahead and give a quick update.

The transition from a hard tail to a full suspension bike was a little difficult for me initially. It took me a few weeks to adjust to the handling, weight and just the overall feel of this bike. But I really feel like I am back in my groove and this bike feels amazing now.

KHS XC TEAM BIKE = Big smiles on Priscilla’s face. 😀

I’ve been able to tackle more technical downhill trails with confidence on this bike. Prior to having the XC Team I would have a difficult time moving through rock beds and rough terrain, and it was common for me to get off the bike and walk. However, the KHS makes these tasks so much easier with the aid of the FSR suspension linkage. I have been able to ride down technical portions that I used to walk down. I also am really enjoying the lockout feature on this machine. At first I was annoyed with having to think about moving this switch back and forth throughout my ride, but it has really grown on me. I love being able to reach down and lock it out for some of those more grueling climbs! Very nice.

I also want to quickly mention my feedback on the Bengal brakes. I was previously riding with mechanical disc brakes so in comparison these hydraulic brakes are amazing. Now that I can actually reach the levers, I feel very confident and comfortable with moving at much faster speeds than before. These brakes respond very quickly and are very smooth. I am able to wait until the very last moments to brake knowing that they are going to do their job. Check back for more updates but for now I am loving my new monster machine! Watch out boys! Here I come!!!

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