Ice Toolz Quartet Wrench-Review

Ice Toolz sent me this great device to test out a while back and now that its been over 8 months, I’m glad to say that this tool is as good as the first day I got it.

4 tools in one
Allen heads:4,5,6 and 8
Swiveling head allows for better leverage and greater angles.

The tips of the allen heads remained hard and it never rounded out through many months of uses. I even used this tool when I worked at the LBS. I showed it to the other Mechanics there. One of their first concerns would be the longevity of the tool. Would the daily use from a Mechanic torquing the tool cause the prongs that hold the heads in to become loose or even break? Well I’m happy to report that this tool hasn’t lost its integrity. What I also liked about this tool was the amount of leverage you could get since the handle is longer than most tri-tools that most shops use.

Overall, the Quartet has become my favorite tool in my shop(garage). You’ve even seen me use it in other How To’s like this one, How to fix a creaking bottom bracket.

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