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For the guys and gals that don’t like the conventional multi-vented helmets, there is the option to use a skater helmet or some may say a BMX helmet. I’m one of those guys and I prefer it because of its style, color and affordability. This helmet will retail around $20 at any bike shop.
free agent helmet
This helmet accommodates wigs too…that’s if you’re into that kinda stuff.

I’ve been wearing this helmet for about 2 years now and I’ve been very happy with it. I use it at almost every ride that I go on and at this time, my helmet cam is set up on it. The smooth surfaces is ideal for mounting lights, cameras and Faux-hawks if needed.

The helmet does come with 3 sizes of padding, S,M, L. Since I have a fat head, I am using the large pads. If your pads eventually get worn out, you can order some more from the place you bought it for. I think my pads are due for a replacement…

The only problem with this helmet is that it gets HOT! It only has 12 small vents so that means you’re practically wearing a bowl. So to remedy that problem, wear this helmet during cooler days or for winter.
Overall I’ve enjoyed this helmet, its affordable, durable and it looks cool. Regular helmets don’t look all that great on my head. I have a round face so the Free Agent helmet compliments it. My kids have this helmet, in fact we raced with them last year.

If its good enough for me, its certainly good enough for my kids!

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