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Just ask Steve Peat and Nathan Rennie… they’ll tell ya

But seriously, I have to give props to RL Policar for all of his hard work these past two races.  As a Team Captain/Mgr role he has been more than supportive for the entire Team.  He’s provided everything for us from a tent (shelter from rain), food, energy supplements, tools, you name it we have it…

Memorable examples from this past weekend at Mt. SAC:  On my second lap approaching the Feed Zone (FZ), I see RL yelling trying to get my attention.  On one hand a fresh bottle of water with Motor Tabs and on the other a Heineken.  Tough choice!  To me this is comical as it breaks the monotony of the grind.  Off course I grabbed the water bottle.  RL did this for all the Team members, keeping us hydrated during our race. 

MTB_MT_SAC_3 by you.DSC_0473 by you.                                           RL at the Feed Zone for me and KIm.

On Priscilla’s race – as she approached the FZ, RL was going to give her Clif Shot Bloks.  At this time I was done with my race so now I was taking pictures however I was situated on higher level than the FZ.  I wish I would have captured the next events on camera…

2997499217_d00965e74f_o by you.

There was a fumble with the hand-off to Priscilla.  Apparently RL couldn’t get the Shot Bloks out of his pocket and at the same time trying to keep up with Priscilla as she is riding by.  He ended up tumbling up the hill… none the less great effort and I have to commend him for that!

Through out day he ran back and forth at different prime spots to capture the Team on video while lugging a heavy duty tripod for a heavy duty video camera. 

IMG9116 by you.                                                                                     RL moving from different areas of the race on his Xtracycle.

DSC_0180 by you.

To top it off there were two separate race times.  At the end of each race, not only was he there to meet us at the Finish Line,  but he went straight to the tent to start the grill so we can eat.  This was like a Four Star treatment – man what service!!!

IMG9487 by you.

IMG9492 by you.                                                                              Grilling salmon and burgers…

So who else says RL is Super Cool – Team MtnBikeRiders.com says he is!  Thanks RL!

13 thoughts on “RL is Super Cool…

  1. Aw thanks Joe, that’s really nice of you! I do find it fun to do all that for everyone. I know racing is tough and whatever I can do to make it easier for the riders, I’m there.



  2. Up here in Washington, we too – love RL. Not only RL bikes, but the infamous RL Policar – international mystery man of cycling. Keep up the good work. Now we just need to get the MTB team to give BMX racing a try!

  3. Ditto that guys. RL does a lot of the behind the scenes work too…he does ALL the shopping…packing (not easy). He sets up all the sponsorships and sweet gear. And lots of hours into the videos. He sincerely wants to support us in anyway he can. Gotta love him for that. I wouldn’t be able to race if it weren’t for his support. Thanks RL!

  4. RL is da man. I know, because when he orders a salad, he gets the dressing right there on top of the salad, where it belongs…where there is no turning back.

  5. Never under estimate the power of The Mighty RL. He can feed his Team & Family. He can run Downhill with a vengeance, make sweet video’s out of our Biking Escapades, and just be an all around nice Guy. If you see RL on the Trails say Hi, you will not regret doing so.

  6. thanks again for the kind words folks, and as BT of Evomo said, I do put my dressing ALL OVER my salad, and I ask for an extra serving of croutons…just cuz its adventurous!

  7. RL wears many hats, he is in charge of all the marketing, sponsorships, Jersey designs, Editor, writer and field tester. Oh, he is also a good rider too. But what makes him ‘Super Cool’ is that he is a great friend too.

  8. RL is da man…A god among men! : )

    I’d love to see a change up some time…the entire crew that RL has been helping could be RL’s personal pit crew for a future race. TEAM RL!! Whoo hoo! What do ya think guys!?! How about Making RL really feel and look like a superstar pimp daddy that we all know he is! You could even drive him to the race in a limo! heh heh

  9. Well there you go guys… hook the man up! Throw a bike rack on that limo, bring the official RL press and paparazzi, mechanics, hydration crew, and personal massage therapist (Priscilla – heh heh)I’m sure I’ve missed some necessities, but I’m sure RL will give you a list! (lol)

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