Southridge Race Report: Kim Finch

This is actually the first time Sponsored Racer, Kim Finch had submitted a race report. Kim is well rounded racer that does XC, Super D and even Downhill. It’s really fun to watch her put some hurt on her competition. Read what she has to share about her race experience from the Triple Crown Series.

It’s almost sad to see the end of another season. This Southridge Racing Challenge was even more exciting with the addition of being the third race of the Triple Crown Series combined. I spent a lot of time of the bike in the prior weeks to this race. I find that out of all the races I have entered the Southridge course is the most technical. It may not be the longest race course, but it is the most exciting! The climbs are grueling and I feel like they will never end, but just at that very moment here comes the “Single Track”! I love this single track I find it almost rejuvenating and ready for the next climb! I would like to thank our sponsor Ergon for the awesome grips. They made a world of difference! I love them!

While waiting on the start line with Priscilla I could feel the anxiety growing. We chatted with all the ladies on the line. We could cheer as we saw Eric “Animal” take off from the start. Joe was in the group behind us all of us that just seemed to want to get on the course! All the ladies were fun to talk with about what they expect of the course or were they had trouble. Pricilla’s group moved forward and off she went! GO GIRL! Then finally after what seemed like hours our group was off and running.

The course starts quickly to short climbs and a quick little single track. Then it is “The Road” climb. Joe and I were working each other for help and encouragement. Joe is a great motivator even when he is taping his own limits! We cheered each other on through almost every climb. Priscilla was doing great she had a rider down on a very sandy section but she recovered quickly.

I managed to finish with my best time ever on this course 1:01:48 however, I placed third, but I was thrilled with the finish. This was also great because I finished the Triple Crown for the Colorful JERSEY. Let me tell you it match my bike perfect! After a quick bit and relaxation I headed back up the mountain with Moe for the Super-D race. I was the only woman in my group but there was one Pro Lady & one Sport Lady. Both of them very nice and fun to chat with. The course was fun. It started with three climb right away then down my favorite single track! Was a little chewed up after all the X-C races had been through numerous laps, but it never lets me down on the excitement level. Always testing my bike handling skills! I finished the race & took 1st place! Moe did very well and was glad to see him at the finish line as this was his first race!

Like thank RL for doing such a great job keeping all of us encouraged, fed & hydrated. He is doing and awesome job!

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