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Carbon Fiber Pronghorn Bike

Here’s your chance to ‘Ride on Top’, you’ve probably seen these bikes on our site, in fact we have a big ass banner on the top. Well, all ‘will it shear my nuts’ jokes aside, the Pronghorn bike that I tested at Sea Otter has been one of the best high end XC bikes that I’ve ever ridden.

It will not shear your jewels

You can test ride a Pronghorn at the Southridge Winter series, heck, they will even let you race with one if you wish. I’m hoping to ride their long travel bike in the upcoming Super D race, I would like to see how much it differs from my current ride.

Long Travel Proghorn bike, I have dibs on it!

Proghorn Racing is also running a “Grassroots Sponsorship Promotion” until March 2009, cool think about this program is that comes with racing support!

Go ahead and demo a Pronghorn, all you have to do is ask! Just make sure that you tell them that you read this on and they will give you the VIP treatment. (OK, so I made the last part up)

1 thought on “Pronghorn Racing Demo Bikes

  1. Hey Moe
    Thanks so much for the great reviews and coverage on your site. It’s one thing for me to give great reviews but when you do it, it means something. Thanks.

    As far as demo’s we will be at all of the Southridge races, Racers & Chasers and the west coast Kenda cups.
    I am also still game to do a private demo day for your members, just let me know.

    Thanks Again
    Marcus @ pronghorn racing

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