Dang, I was bald!

A few years ago I went on my first ride to Aliso Woods. One of my bestest buddies, Scott Finch (yes Tony Finch’s brother) invited a bunch of us to ride certain parts of Aliso. Below is a picture of Scott and I on a long climb called Mathis…I hate climbing, so that meant this was the last time I was on that trail.

I had almost forgotten about this photo…I can’t believe I used to shave it all off.

Moe probably has a few more of these photos laying around since he was at this group ride.

If you were wondering why in the world I was Bic’d, well long story short, I THOUGHT my scalp was thinning, so rather than falling victim to male pattern baldness…I decided to beat it and shave it all off. Yah, I showed myself who was the boss. But fortunately, I wasn’t going bald, nor am I losing any hair now. So eventually I let it all grow back, well I kinda had to. I ended up getting laid off from work and thought that if I let my hair grow a bit longer, I can possibly land a job quicker since I’d look less of a thug.

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  1. You know that article where you talked about how helmets make you look like a giant @#$%#, why would you try to have the same look w/o a helmet on? Hei-HO! (Johnny Carson esque)! You set me up for that one RL!

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