Helmet Cam view of the Southridge DH course

Sunday morning I left my home at 6am to hopefully get a few practice runs in before race time. During my practice, I took it pretty easy since it started to rain. You’ll even see drops on the lens. Anyhow, watch it and you’ll what kind of stuff we had to deal with.

Southridge Winter Series #3, Practice Run on Sunday morning from RL Policar on Vimeo.

11 Replies to “Helmet Cam view of the Southridge DH course”

  1. Thanks for posting this RL. I really appreciate it since I’m not going to get the chance to make many DH runs before my first race.

  2. I think my next bike is gonna be a DH. I think I’d really get into it! Any body willing to lend me their bike to try out if I ever come out west?

  3. Hi Jay,

    When are you coming out? I’m sure we can muster up a bike for you to try. I bet you’d be pretty good at DH too, shoot man, all that trials riding you do, it has to help.


  4. Jay, if you come before April, you can ride the KHS DH200! Sweet video, I get an adrenaline rush everytime I see it, I can still remember eating it!

  5. Great quality video, it is quite intense to watch after a few beers following a workout. Post workout recovery beers is how we do it.

  6. That looks pretty fun. You should see some of the stuff we have down in El Paso. Lots of rocky stairs, surrounded by cacti and other sharp objects, and non-stop gravel. Great video!

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