Mountain Bike Dictionary

Came across this and thought I’d share. The Mountain Bike Dictionary.

After a quick perusal, one of my favorites:

Auger v.: to involuntarily take drill samples of the local geology (usually with your face) during a crash. See face plant. Also see “The Moe” below.

By the way, I vote we never let Moe live this one down… like “Hmmm… I think we need a sample of this back at headquarters… Hey Moe, time to auger!”

7 Replies to “Mountain Bike Dictionary”

  1. That’s not a crash. That’d dedicated product testing at it’s finest!

    He was doing a helmet and knee/shin pad test right?

  2. lol. This picture reminds me a certain video we have of Moe taking soil samples at the fullerton loop. No face planting involved but it sure was funny…hhhmmm. I wonder where we put that video….

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