Singletrack… Sycamore Canyon

Earlier this week, I headed out to Sycamore Canyon in Riverside, CA. Through the years I’ve heard so many great things about this place. With my trusty Garmin 305, I downloaded the route off  Below is the link for those that are interested:

IMG_2319 by you.Singletrack in the back ground.

Sycamore Cyn has a variety of challenges through the network of trails which consists of long climbs, descents, rocks gardens, drops, stunts but most of all – endless SINGLETRACK!

IMG_2310 by you.Network of trails…

On this ride I completed 16 miles, 80% of it were single/double track. Below is a helmet cam video of some segments of the trail.


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  1. Hi everyone,

    If you decide to ride Sycamore Canyon, try hooking up with
    Team Dirty Work in Riverside. They’re a great bunch of people. I’ve ridden a few times with them, years back, before moving to Northern California. I’ve done some great solo night rides there too. Hope you guys have loads of fun when you ride Sycamore. Cheers!


  2. Ian – I met a guy while out there. He says he rode w/teamdirtywork.

    Rish – my Garmin reflects 29mph. Keep in mind that this was my first time at Sycamore. I had to keep an eye on the GPS as it was guiding me. I found myself feathering the brakes often during my ride… didnt want to miss a turn. I can see where you can generate more speed in many places. Next time 🙂

  3. Sycamore Canyon is pretty fun… I go there often. I have hit 31+MPH on Sycamore Canyon on a hardtail. I just got a Intense 6.6 but have only been there once on the new bike and hit a moderate 28+. In the video, if you turn right at the first split, you hit some fun technical stuff that goes back to the original route. If you want something a little more adventerous try Box Springs Mountain’s Skyline and M trail loop. Follow the link to upload the trail.

  4. Yup, Box Springs is great! Use to ride that trail alot during past winters (off Pigeon Pass). Hated it during the summers…too hot 🙁

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