Sycamore Canyon video – part duex

This past Saturday’s ride at Sycamore Canyon was lots of fun. I finally got around to putting the video together from my Epic Stealth camera, as well as footage from my compact digital camera.  Unfortunately the batteries died on the helmet cam somewhere in the middle fo our ride. 


I had a great time.  It’s been awhile since we went out and had a “chill” ride.


I was leading the group therefore I tried something new and flipped the camera backwards.  Interesting perspective, enjoy…


4 Replies to “Sycamore Canyon video – part duex”

  1. I like that camera perspective…sorta like the chase motorcycles in a pro road race. If only there was a way to stabilize the camera a little bit or reduce “head bob” (I know…very tough on a rough trail), that could really make some great footage.

  2. You go to show that “tough love” lol I have so much fun, cramps on both upper/lower leg after 8 miles I have to try it again,

  3. GR – I thought about mounting it onto the bike. I think it’ll be more stable than the helmet. We’ll see… 🙂

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