Review: Sette Vexx Raz

Product Tested:
Sette Vexx Raz, with Smoke Lens

Carbon fiber look makes these glasses stand out from the normal black and gray sunglasses

Website’s MSRP:
$ 15.98

More carbon fiber, along with an understated print “Sette”

The Sette Raz Sunglasses features 100% UV Protection. From the blaring sun to moonlit nights, you’ll always have the perfect lens for whatever the light condition calls for. The Raz has integrated Decentered Focal Point Technology to aid in keeping your glasses distortion free and provide optimal visibility. The lightweight Polycarbonate lenses are highly impact resistant to keep rocks and other small debris from hindering your sight. They are constructed with a comfortable wrap around frame to help block wind and also provide peripheral protection from harmful UV rays. The ear and nose pieces provide additional comfort by using a slip resistant coating to ensure the sunglasses stay where they’re supposed to.
• 100% UV protection, Impact tested Polycarbonate Lenses
• Frame Color: Black, Carbon
• Includes a Rigid Durable Zip Case with padded extra lens storage sleeves

Worn at Whiting Ranch during Southern California’s harsh January

About Me:
6’1” 210lbs, 29 year old male. I’m a mountain biking enthusiast who enjoys XC riding.

Testing Grounds:
Fullerton Loop, Whiting Ranch, Sycamore Canyon, commuting to/from work… bunch of other trails I don’t remember.

Soft rubber type compound helped to keep the sunglasses from slipping

First Impressions:
Nice looking pair of sunglasses. The faux carbon fiber look is pretty sweet. I even got a “Hey are those carbon fiber sunglasses?!?!?”

I am really enjoying these sunglasses. The carbon fiber definitely separates itself from many other normal looking black or dark grey sunglasses out there. Over the months of testing the glasses carbon fiber look has held on very well. In fact the product shots you see in this review were taken this week. The carbon fiber look holds up nicely to a lot of abuse.

Rubber piece still works perfectly after months of testing. Didn’t smooth out and start slipping like some other sunglasses I’ve worn

I like the way the lens gradually goes from dark up top to almost clear on the bottom. This gave it almost a polarized lens feel. Now, you might be thinking that I am full of it, but I assure you I am not. I’ve had the chance to wear some nice sunglasses: Maui Jims, Oakleys, Ray Bans… and many of those were polarized which has a distinct feel and look. The first time I put on the Vexx Raz I immediately thought that they were polarized lens even though I knew they weren’t. I was floored by how nice the blue sky looked and how comforted my eyes immediately felt when wearing the glasses. I still get that feeling even after having worn them for so many months.

The pads around the nose and ear areas are very comfortable and do a superb job of keeping the glasses from slipping around. Over time, I have found with cheaper sunglasses that the rubber pads around those areas tend to smooth out and become less grippy. I did not have this issue with the Settes.

Climbing on the singlespeed requires lots of upper body movement. The Sette Vexx Raz, however, did not move

I am really struggling here to find a weakness. I think the only thing I find annoying about the sunglasses is the case. The zipper on the case travels in the opposite to the direction I think a normal zipper would go. With most sunglass cases the zipper goes from left to right. On the Vexx Raz, the sunglass case goes the opposite way. This has thrown me a few times when I reach for the zipper and get nothing.

In general we have found that Sette products are well thought out and well done. The Sette Vexx Raz is no exception. It is clearly a good looking pair of sunglasses with its faux carbon fiber look but it also stands out in the performance department with a set of lenses that makes you wonder if they’re actually polarized or not. Lastly, the pads stay grippy on the nose and behind the ears to keep the sunglasses in place on even the most technical of trails.

For more information on the Sette Vexx Rax, click here.

2 Replies to “Review: Sette Vexx Raz”

  1. Those sunglasses are SWANK! I’ll have to add them onto my next order from Pricepoint…

    Glad to hear the rubber nosepieces hold up — I’ve had the same problem with lots of other sunglasses. One question, though — do they stay grippy even when sweaty?

  2. GR: no issues. Last weekend’s ride was in 80 degree heat on a SS. When I’m on the SS, I am climbing out of saddle which requires a lot of upper body movement. I’m also a bit of a sweat-er. Combining those usually ends in sunglasses slipping and sliding, but not the Sette.

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