The Aatma Helmet from Kali Protectives

This month we are featuring the Aatma helmet from Kali Protectives.  The Kali brand is based on the lore of Kali, the Hindu goddess of chaos and destruction.  AATMA, means  The Soul.


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Based out of San Jose, this company utilizes a patented technology called “Composite Fusion” in their protective gear.  What is Composite Fusion? It is a proprietary ultra light molecular cocuring technology that produces stronger components, lighter and more precise fitting gear.


Untitled-1 copy by you.             Traditional on the left and Composite Fusion on the right.

Unlike common helmets which construct the shell and the energy absorbing foam (EPS) as two separate units, Kali’s Composite Fusion incorporates the EPS foam as part of the shell, thus transferring the impact energy into the EPS foam more efficiently. What does this all mean increased protection, better for your head.


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The Aatma helmet is well ventilated, DOT approved and sports very cool graphics.  It can be used for either DH/Freeriding or motorcross.


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The Composite Fusion technology is not only used for their helmets but it is applied on their body armor as well.  Bottom line, they have the right materials in the right places.


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From the dreams of riders to the scratch pads of aerospace engineers, revolutionary Composite Fusion™ technology is introduced with the Kali AATMA helmet. Weighing in at 1200 grams (*), the AATMA represents one of the lightest, most durable and best fitting motocross helmets imaginable. 

o      Fiberglass TriWeave Shell with Composite Fusion EPS Liner

o      Integrated Airflow System

o      Antibacterial, removable, washable liner. Breakaway visor design. Meets or exceeds AMA, FIM, CCS, FormulaUSA racing standards.

o      Colors Available in: White, Gray, Black, Orange. Pattern Graphic: Black, Green, Blue, Brown.


o      ECE 22.05, DOT (FMVSS 218)

o      MSRP $299.00


To see more products from Kali Protectives, visit their site at

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