Sea Otter 2009: Lezyne

Lezyne was a must stop for me at Sea Otter 2009. I’ve got one of their saddle bags and it’s pretty cool. Very functional, great material and the zipper has never let me down. We got to meet some cool people from Lezyne and were shown some of their products.

First up is their floor pumps. The pumps actually have different colored handles including some made of wood.

colored multi tools

also comes in carbon, click to see the carbon weave!

saddlebags. I have the third one in from the left.

Handpumps. Some of the handpump’s hose fits inside the pump itself. This makes them less bulky. The hose also makes the connection to the valve more secure.

Handpump, hose has presta and schrader side, screw into pump and your all set. Hose stores inside pump.

Minipump attaches to bike water bottle cage. When needed, minipump opens up and becomes a very useful floor pump

Lezyne All Pack. Can fit a full face helmet

A place for everything and everything in its place. I really like this feature of Lezyne’s packs and my saddlebag.

I really like the pictures of the tools. Makes organization a breeze.

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